Thursday, October 22, 2009

Global Antibiotic Resistance Scenario

Researchers Discover How Some Infectious Bacteria Evade Destruction And Survive In Human Cells

Inexpensive Locally Produced Oral Cholera Vaccine Proven Safe And Effective

E. Coli O157 In Surrey: Update, UK

Liverpool Hospital Fined Over Legionella, UK

Statement By Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Regarding Recent E. Coli Story

BioDelivery Sciences Receives $1.3 Million US Army Grant For Investigation Of Bioral Amphotericin B In Topical Leishmaniasis

Ventilation mask leakage may contaminate hospital room

Iron Regulates susceptibility to infections and the TLR4 Inflammatory Signaling Pathway

E. Coli O157 In Surrey: Update, UK

Understanding A Cell's Split Personality Aids Synthetic Circuits

Team Finds A Better Way To Watch Bacteria Swim

E Coli O157 In Surrey: Update, UK

CDC launches again the campaign “Get Smart: Know When AB:s Work”

”Global Handwashing Day” was initiated by a global public-private partnership in 2008, and has now been launched again on October 15

US, ASM Report on ABR; ”ABR: An Ecological Perspective on an Old Problem” is recently out, presenting a more complicated background to ABR than just AB misuse.

US, ABs in food animal production; the bill on the subject has yet not passed Congress.

US, Harvard receives NIH funding for ABR research – NIH allocates 5 million USD to the ”Harvard-wide Program on AB Resistance”

New Zealand, Food Safety Authority investigation; NZ wants more knowledge on the consequences for human flora ABR of AB use in animals, and has started a year-long survey of ABR in the food chain

Friday, October 9, 2009

E. coli's Kayak Paddle-Lke Motion Tracked For First Time

Recent Releases In Global Health

E Coli O157 In Surrey: Update, UK

Caltech Scientists Get Detailed Glimpse Of Chemoreceptor Architecture In Bacterial Cells Understanding How Humans Battle Infectious Disease Aided By Study Of Fish Mechanism To Fend Off Invading Germs

How Good Are Indicator Bacteria At Predicting Pathogens In Recreational Water?

Hygiene And Physical Barriers Should Be Given Higher Priority In Pandemic Plans

More Sophisticated, Better Coordinated Global System Needed To Effectively Prevent, Detect, Respond To Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

New Way Deadly Food-borne Bacteria Spread Discovered By University Of Central Florida Professor

E Coli O157 In Surrey: Update, UK

Terms Of Reference For Independent Investigation Into Godstone Farm E.coli O157 Outbreak Agreed

Flooding In The Philippines Could Spread Infectious Diseases, Health Department Says

Advanced Life Sciences' Restanza Demonstrates Efficacy In Plague Pivotal Animal Study

The Desperate Need for New Antibiotics (TIME Magazine), also a report by CNN

European Antibiotic Awareness Day – the second – is on November 18

Public Health Agency of Canada releases its CIPARS report on human and animal AMR data, as well as AMR prescriptions

First two strains of carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC) in Finland reported, isolated from two imported patients from Crete, Greece and northwestern Italy

C diff shows an improvement after the massive investments in improved hygiene launched by Gordon Brown

MRSA pre-admission screening whether UK governmental policy does more harm than good

Can Ambulance service caused disease spread

World MRSA Day - Oct 1st in Chicago by non-profit MRSA Survivors Network

Antibiotic Awareness Week in US - October 5 to Oct 11, 2009

EMEA technical report, and EU Presidency conference on need for new ABs – commented by ReAct; and same event echoed by Australian Sydney Morning Herald

MRSA spread between man and animals

“Doomsday bug creeping closer”

Read The ``TRUE LIFE STORY``of a family infected with MRSA