Sunday, January 22, 2012

Global Scenario of Bacteria, Infections, Antibiotics and Resistance- By Dr. A. J. Tamhankar (Research Associate: Sandeep Nerkar)

Gastrointestinal Problems In Autistic Children May Be Due To Gut Bacteria 
Fighting Infections Diseases - Blocking pathogen's Entry Into Cells 
Finland – MRSAinvestigation; after MRSA was found in a clinical sample of onepatient at Raumo central hospital, of the 250 so far screened, 9 were found tocarry the bacteria 
Successful fighting againstHAI inWest Sussex – no cases of MRSA in 2011, and C difficile also reduced – The Argus
Germany – “savings and lackof staff reason for outbreak” ofMRSA in Bremen-Mitte neonatal unit, with three dead, it is said in aninvestigation – NWZ online 
The FDA restriction on cephalosporin use now commented in Scientific American 

Read The ``TRUE LIFE STORY``of a family infected with MRSA