Thursday, June 21, 2012

Global Scenario of Bacteria, Infections, Antibiotics and Resistance- By Dr. A. J. Tamhankar (Research Associate: Sandeep Nerkar)

High Rate Of Drug-Resistant Germs Found In Families Of Kids With Staph Infections
No Urgent Need To Get Vaccinated To Prevent A Second Shingles Episode
Antibiotic Ointments Overused And Misused By N.Y. Prison Inmates 
Kids With Staph Skin Infections Susceptible To MRSA Colonization 
Researchers Find A Chink In The Molecular Armor Of Killer Hospital Bacteria 
Geriatric Facility Bathes Patients Daily With Antiseptic Cloths, Reducing MRSA Incidence 
New Untreatable Gonorrhea Could Cause Epidemic Of Sexually Transmitted Infections 
10% Of TB Cases In China Are Drug-Resistant Strains 
Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Increasing 
Vancomycin Dosage Regimen Developed for Obese Patients  
Fecal Transplantation for C difficile: An Evolving 'Art' 
Family of patient who died from antibiotic-resistant bacteria looking for answers:Edmonton Journal..... According to informationpreviously released by provincial health officials, a female patient was infected with the antibiotic-resistant acinetobacter bacteria while having emergency surgery in India in April. She returned to Edmonton with an infection... 
Hospital hygiene failed: Edmonton Journal......Health officials confirmed that a frail man having high risk surgery contracted the antibiotic-resistant acineto bacter bacteria carried to the Royal Alex by an infected female patient. The woman had travelled to the Indian subcontinent in April. 
Resistant bacteria blamed in death of man: Edmonton Sun.....The bacteria was initially introduced to the hospital by a woman whofell ill after undergoing emergency surgery while in the Indian subcontinent. Staff at the hospital diagnosed the woman with three separate antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 
Health & Science: The Muslim News....It is estimated 25000 people die each year in the European Union (EU) from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistant infections are a global problem -for example, in India there have been cases of TB that have not responded to... 
Remedying Global Health R&D: WHO identified antibiotic resistance as one of the three greatest threatsto health. But even as the problem has grown in recent years, staff cuts andmergers have reduced the ability of pharmaceutical companies to respond to thethreat, ... 
Health officials investigate potential link between antibiotic-resistant ...Edmonton Journal... EDMONTON - Health officials suspecta Royal Alexandra Hospital patient died after picking up antibiotic-resistant bacteria brought to Edmonton by an infected traveller. After the infection wasdiscovered, Alberta Health Services closed various Royal ...  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Global Scenario of Bacteria, Infections, Antibiotics and Resistance- By Dr. A. J. Tamhankar (Research Associate: Sandeep Nerkar)

Probiotics Decrease Risk for Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhoea
Probiotic Prophylaxis Not Better Than Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection
Off-Label Antibiotic Use In Agriculture Should Be Banned In Canada 
New Process Gives Antibacterial Coating To Stainless Steel 
Different Antimicrobial Metals Evaluated For Use In Water Filters 

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