Sunday, September 9, 2012

Global Scenario of Bacteria, Infections, Antibiotics and Resistance- By Dr. A. J. Tamhankar (Research Associate: Sandeep Nerkar)

The human microbiome:Me, myself, us...Looking at human beings as ecosystems that contain many collaborating and competing species could change the practice of medicine ....“People are not just people. They are an awful lot of microbes, too.” – A cover article in The Economist looks at the recent advances in our view on ”the microbiome”, including how it may change our view on antibiotics treatment, but also on the field of genetics – The Economist; also brought forward by ReAct
Vitamin B3 can boost immunity to fightsuperbugs :Business Standard....."Antibiotics are wonder drugs, but they face increasing problems with resistance by various types of bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus,".......Adrian Gombart from Oregon State University said. "This could give us a new way to treat staph infections ...
Fortis' eICU establishes antibiogram to testsusceptibility of .....It not only increases the costs of health care, but may result in super infection due to antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, and could also increase the ...
Suspending Importation of Poor Quality MedicinesIs Necessary but are medicines used in treatment of bacterial infections. ...bacteria to suboptimal medicines concentrations leading to bacterial resistance.

France – two cases of rifampicin-R meningococcal disease - Eurosurveillance
Antibiotics can make young children heavier  a US study on a not-so-well known effect of antibiotics, in International Journal of Obesity, links higher weight to early ab use - BBC 
Tale of an outbreak of Klebsiella KPC at NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda,near Washington D.C: 18 patients contracted Klebsiella KPC (Klebsiella pneumoniae with the Klebsiella pn Carbapenemase), six died from it and five died from other causes. High class DNA epidemiological contact tracing revealed the details of spread – a commentary with criticism that the outbreak was kept secret for so long, in Washington Post

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