Monday, November 29, 2010

Nearly half of the antibiotics produced in China are fed to animals: Expert says
Efforts to combat antibiotic resistance
- Antibiotic resistance is a public health threat and we must therefore intensify our efforts to reduce antibiotic pressure and prevent the spread of infection.
It says Anders Birch Lind, Medical Director and Chairman of the County Council's Steering Group for Disease Control and infection control in response to the European Antibiotic Awareness Day will be held on 18 November.

- If we can reduce the spread of resistant bacteria in healthcare, there are also a lot of money to save. HCAI costs each year by land sting 150 million.

This year's European antibiotikadag has focused on the use of antibiotics in hospitals. In the hospital uses a powerful antibiotic for seriously ill patients, where re-Assist bacteria is easily spread. Strama, together with the Swedish Medical Association infection developed a national 10-point program that will lead to reducing the spread of antibiotic resistance in inpatient care. The program is presented for the first time today.

- If the program is followed to the letter, it will reduce the need for antibiotics, lead to improved diagnosis and more rational use of antibiotics, so that the patients who really need effective treatment can also get it in the future. We are wholeheartedly behind it, "says Anders Björklind.

Uppsala County Council works in many ways to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. Here are some examples:

- In 2010, representatives of Strama to visit all health centers for information and discussion with various staff groups.

- At the University Hospital under way since last summer to a public health campaign to reduce the spread of resistant intestinal bacteria. This information is directed to both staff and patients.

- The county council's drug committee has issued an information campaign in TV and other channels to raise public awareness of antibiotics.

Facts about Strama
Strama stands for, Cooperation against antibiotic resistance. In Uppsala County is a local working group of interested specialty physicians, nurses and pharmacists who will lead the efforts to reduce unnecessary prescription of antibiot

Scientists have discovered how bacteria fend off a wide range of antibiotics, and blocking that defense mechanism could give existing antibiotics more power to fight dangerous infections.

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