Monday, April 1, 2013

Global Scenario of Bacteria, Infections, Antibiotics and Resistance- By Dr. A. J. Tamhankar (Research Associate: Sandeep Nerkar)

Antibiotic resistance a "catastrophic threat": UK medical chief...Baltimore Sun LONDON (Reuters) - Antibiotic resistance poses a catastrophic threat to bacterial infections increasingly evolve into"superbugs" resistant to ...
Hospital Superbugs: New Report Shows Alarming Increase In ...Huffington Post These superbugs from a common germ family have become extremely resistant to treatment with antibiotics. Only 10 years ago, such resistance was hardly ever ... 
Call for stricter food testing amid fears antibiotics in imported ...Herald Sun...Professor Lindsay Grayson, Austin Health's infectious diseases director,... presence of antibiotics and resistant bacteria,known as superbugs in foods. 
Phenomena..National Geographic..Not long after scientists invented antibiotics in the mid-1900s, they started observing bacteria that were becoming resistant to the drugs. 
Human Sweat May Serve as Effective Weapon against Drug-Resistant ...Counsel & Heal One of the best antibiotics we are able to access is right within us - or ... against deadly infections like tuberculosis and drug-resistant superbugs.
Drug-resistant bacteria reach UK...LancashireEvening Post....It reported 37 cases of patients having surgery in India or Pakistan and returning ... The bacteria producing NDM-1 were highly resistant to all antibiotics ... 

Antibodies To Treat Rabies From Genetically Modified Tobacco Plants
Campylobacter Uses 'Sat Nav' To Find Food
Scientists Weaken Superbugs By Interfering With Their Metabolism UNC Study May Lead To Treatments That Are Effective Against All MRSA Strains
Scientists Unveil A Superbug's Secret To Antibiotic Resistance
Discovery Of 'Switch' That Turns On Aggressive Infection In Superbug Offers Potential New Target For Treatment
Automated Device Created That Improves Understanding Of How Antibiotic Resistance Evolves At The Genetic Level

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